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Integrating traditional palo rhythms with new harmonies, global beats and world fusion influences, Abraham utilises traditional and non-traditional instruments such as acoustic flamenco guitar, voice, percussion, fretless bass, electric guitar, keyboards and loop station, in the studio and on stage for a new contemporary Flamenco experience straight from the heart.

With the authentic heart and soul of traditional "Puro" Flamenco, Spanish Artist Abraham Carmona draws from his roots and ancestors yet transcends the expected with a distinctive and modern expression.

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Recent collaboration with legendary British producer YOUTH (Martin Glover) resulted in 2 NEW ALBUMS: IBIZA (Liquid Sound Design UK) and Homage to Catalonia (Suriya Recordings UK).  

ABRAHAM CARMONA, Homage to Catalonia cov

Abraham Carmona Flamenco heritage meets Youth’s production ambiance in ‘Homage to Catalonia’. A sublime, heartfelt, deep and spell bounding debut album for Suriya Recordings. 

Homage to Catalonia was conceived at Youth’s Space Mountain Studios in Granada, Spain. Created in a classic traditional flamenco style, with an expansive atmosphere and a conscious use of elements from India in the form of scales and drones. The addition of strings throughout the album also helps to imprint a cinematic signature, infusing some fragments with a subtle hint of Morricone’s flavour.

Youth’s distinctive touch is instantly recognisable from the first seconds of the album opener. His expert use of ambient textures, clever structuring and off-tangent approach provides a perfect partnership in Homage to Catalonia, a unique venture that leaves you asking for a sequel.

Suryia Recordings (UK)


"What a great album for relaxing into an evening. Warm production from Youth and a jazzy, guitar infusion over the beats with a middle eastern flavour popping up intermittently. Flows together beautifully as an album to give delicious chunk of time to sink into the balearic bliss. Enjoy with a cocktail and a view. Classy stuff."
Will Hancock / Beattopia

"Shiny lovely  release, gives me exactly the right amount of vitamin D and memories from good times at the Baleares... Healthy healing music" 
Alexander Descroix / Iboga Records


"Among the varied and seductive sounds presented in Carmona's Ibiza release, my heart leans toward Bali Moon and my hips toward Electronic Dreams"
MadameFly / BeatConsciousWill 

"Deep, worldly, contemporary."

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